The People


Scott Chamberlain
Team Captain / Internet Parts Whore / Savior of Unwanted American Sleeper Cars / General Car Geek

Born and raised in Australia, Scott's parents at first thought he was autistic when he turned his stroller over and he spun the wheels as a baby. But it turns out he's just a gearhead. True story.

Scott has been a car guy all his life, and even bought his first car before he had a license. He has worked as a dealer tech at a Ford dealer but now manages internet sales for a car parts company. In his spare time, he likes fixing up old Fords, occasionally autocrossing his '85 Ford LTD LX and taking it to track events - who knew your grandpa's car could get up to 130 mph on the front straight of California Speedway? He is a two-time 24 Hours of Lemons race veteran.

Scott also enjoys raiding self-serve junkyards for eBay-able treasures and long walks on the beach. He now resides in San Diego, CA.

Kris Linquist
Cocky bastard / Huge Nerd

Kris started out his "car career" by blowing the timing belt in a 1984 Tercel at the age of 17 (180k miles on the original belt) and deciding it was best to just give up.

In 1998, Kris organized BerettaFest '98 in Cleveland, OH with his 1992 Chevy Beretta 3.1L 5 speed (L bodies-4-lyfe). The name 'Kris Quickshift' was coined by fellow Berettafesters after Kris ran a 1/4 mile time of 15.936@85.13mph with his stock Beretta at Norwalk Raceway Park. He has since grown a bit, currently a Car Control Clinic driving instructor and Autocross Coordinator for the Golden Gate Chapter of the BMW CCA. He resides in San Jose, CA.

Ben Reilly
Professional Jenga Engineer/Novice Rebar Shearer/Ping-Pong Butt-Kicker

Originally from Arizona, Ben ended up in San Diego in 1989 and had the brilliant foresight to hang around for a while. He met Scott at a Chevy Celebrity Anonymous support group in 1998. A noted checkbook mechanic, Ben's 1960 Lincoln Continental should be ready any day now. In addition to being a Zonie, Ben's superb racing pedigree includes navigating several FWD, automatic cars around the streets of Mira Mesa (his stock 4DSC is legendary in some circles). You smirking racers can rest assured, he has watched Days of Thunder 27 times in preparation for Lemons and informs us he feels confident he'll learn how to drive stick in no time. Look for the "Student Racer" sign on the track and go easy on him.

Rich Southerland
Team PITAtriarch, ground crew, ticket agent, baggage handler, stewardess… HEY MON!

What is there to say about Rich? Well, he’s the only team member to have appeared on “COPS”. He’s the only team member to have met Joe Isuzu. Most importantly, our insurance requires us to issue the following warnings:

Pregnant women, the elderly and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to Rich. Caution: Rich may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. Rich contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Rich begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not Taunt Rich.

Reid Conti

Beer Pong Champion/Aspiring Foosball Pro/Slow Bicycle Racer

Reid grew up on the mean wet streets of the Seattle suburbs, learning the finer points of powerslide control in a 1984 GMC Jimmy. When that conveyance's motor threw a rod for no apparent reason, he fell into the dark, seedy world of front wheel drive cars, owning a 91 Acura Integra and a 93 VW Corrado, which, to this day, remains the only car that he has seriously stuffed.

After an intervention in 2000, he saw the light and realized that owning a German car did not have to mean spending more money on repairs than on the actual car purchase. He has since avoided relapse, owning two BMWs, a 1995 M3 and a 2000 M Coupe.

Reid brings great experience to the table. His autocross experience means that he has the mental toughness to withstand up to 48 seconds of racing at a time and an understanding that hitting obstacles at speed is "no big deal". His track experience allows him to misidentify apexes, find the biggest off-track mud pits, and to wait patiently for a point-by mid-race.

Reid currently resides in Santa Clara, CA and his occupation as a professional geek means the ladies find him utterly resistible

Pit Crew

Andy Warycka
Pit Crew/Communications Guru/Team Photographer/Team Cook

Born in the shadow of Watkins Glen International, Andy's been in and around racing and cars since birth. Starting from handing his dad wrenches as soon as he was able to stand, Andy's honed his mechanical skills on a series of POS cars of his own including a pair of FWD Dodges and for some unknown reason, a Ford Taurus. Additionally, he wasted much of his early adolescence turning the wrenches on, washing, and sweeping the garage for a DIRT modified based at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY. Behind the wheel Andy has been known as "The Terror of H Stock" in SCCA Solo 2 competition, has a fair amount of karting experience, kicks ass at Dirt Track Racing 2 and NR2003, and managed to sit in Al Holbert's Porsche 962 without creaming his pants, but this was most likely due to the fact that he was 5 at the time and had not yet reached puberty.

Andy lives in San Diego, CA.

Jeff Hermann
Pit Crew / Art Director / International Jet Setter

Taking a break from his exploits in exotic far away lands, Jeff lands at San Diego International airport to join the pit crew and lend his services.

Jeff's automotive interests lay squarely in the middle between a love for cruising classic cars and a love for mud flingin' offroaders. He owns both a 1955 Buick Special and a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. His early automotive life was spent working with his Dad on various VW Ghias and Transporters, and later on the family's 1968 Bitchin Camaro. Jeff is the only member of the team to have successfully flipped a Jeep.

Jeff also brings his bizarre artistic talent to the team to help bring the Porcubimmer design to life. His experience with previous insane projects such as the 'three foot tall working Gameboy' will serve him well.

When not drinking Tecate with the Porcubimmer team or traveling the world, he spends his time at home drinking Tecate with his lovely wife.

Cody Dingess
Oil Pan Flattening Expert and General Go-Fer

The youngest member on the team, Cody returns for his second 24 Hours of Lemons. Cody's become hopelessly addicted to the insanity - if only there would have been an afterschool special warning of the dangers!

Liz Robertson
Pit Crew/Art Slave/Social Anarchist

Liz has two hands, pink hair, and likes power tools, squirrels, and fire. She is entirely fueled by Tecate. Liz was not born, she sprang into this universe from a Tecate can. She has been breaking things ever since. Liz has a lifelong fascination with cranes that dates to age 5 and an erector set, when she also first took up moving people's tools without bothering to consult them.

Liz spends her free time in the desert engineering the progress of a 4x4 Toyota over very big rocks while drinking Tecate.